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His show is just that. David has more charisma than anyone I've ever met. And from his expertise he knew exactly what to say and do to get me to fall in love with him quickly. I was just getting out of a 12 year marriage, just lost my dad and was caring for my terminally ill mom. My parents moved up to live with me so I could care for them. I was attention and love starved when I met David on Match. For everyone who followed us in social media, and in person, we looked like an ideal couple. After my mom passed away I was able to travel a lot more with David, who at the time was just my boyfriend.

Episode 046: David Coleman – The Dating Doctor & National Speaker Of The Year

Not only was I able, I was grateful to be traveling with him. Grateful for the distraction.

My sons were grown and I didn't want to be in the house alone. One of the first things I told David about was the house I was living in with my family and my parents, was big. It took up a lot of my time to manage it but it was beautiful. And I think David enjoyed having his friends and family there until I had to move. The problem with having a 16, sq ft house when you move is the issue of where do you put everything? I put it in storage.

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It costs ME thousands of dollars but David was able to find a few of his friends to help. I paid them of course. Did his daughters or their friends help? They were there enjoying the house but when it comes time to help or work in anyway, never. I took everyone out often including the girls' friends and David's friends but no one ever helped clean the boat, gas, supplies However David did buy food and drinks all the time. And I paid every time when we ate out.

David's Bio - David Coleman as "The Dating Doctor"

His daughters have friends that have been around for years. David told me they had terrible home lives so he's always celebrated their birthdays, taken them on vacations etc. Always there for the handouts though. Including staying at David's house. With his travel schedule his daughters were used to living at his his house and running the show.

They did what they wanted, bought what they wanted all with dad's credit card mine too without my permission and rarely lifted a finger to take care of the house. I mean from the day I met his daughters, I've never seen anything like that. On floors, counters, beds, in couches, dog crap everywhere. Dishes and food everywhere! I never knew people could live like that. David's not like that. David would travel home and walk into this disaster on a regular basis. And he told me rather than get upset and try and enforce the rules with his kids, grown kids, he would do everything.

Clean, pick up dog shit, gather fast food garbage from every room, wash sink loads of dishes, and restock groceries. This was the regular routine. I was told to stay out of it.


That it wasn't worth his blood pressure. Of course, I couldn't stand by and do nothing, so I helped when I could. David wanted to sell his house but it was FAR from being ready to list or show. He asked for my help getting it ready to put on the market and I agreed. The money I put into the facelift was supposed to come back to me when it sold. The furniture, what little there was, was not in great condition. I'm not being judge mental he was a single dad. He demands good money per show but had nothing to show for it. So I helped with that too. He would actually ask his eldest daughter permission about paint, counters, decor.

I truly lost all respect when he had my handyman, I was paying, put up his late father's flag in the office, only to have Shannon remove it the next day. David said nothing to her.

David Coleman Date Smart

Their dogs had ruined what furniture they had. I replaced some from my house and bought the rest.

Updated the kitchen cabinets ikea all appliances Craigslist , lighting throughout the house, ceiling fans, fixtures, hardware, garage storage, basement storage, outdoor retaining wall, entertainment centers, 4 flat screen TVs, blue ray players, artwork, flooring, The appliances and furniture he had went on Craigslist and did he offer the money to me to put toward the replacement everything, labor of two men, or household items?

He gave everything that didn't sell and proceeds from sales to to his undeserving daughters. When both daughters moved out to separate apartments, they took the contents of his house plus more I bought for them.


What did their mom contribute? All this time, David is loosing more and more money on his business. His talent as a speaker far outweighed his business sense. And the cash he did have went to his daughters European tripS. Wait, I was supplying him with cash as well. When we met, David was sharing a leased car with his daughter. Other daughter had a beater. When lease ran out and he couldn't afford another car, I loaned his daughter, Shannon, my Mitsushbi eclipse spyde convertible.

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David still had no car. I again paid everything. Until the my money ran out. We could have sold the Audi then and I would've taken a huge loss. But David chose to keep it and make the payments and the upkeep until just a few months ago when we sold it to Carmax for less than the balance. Both cars were extremely damaged by the dogs and hurt their resale value. We argued often about the dogs. They were big and used to being all over the furniture which was evident by the condition.

After I replaced everything I didn't want that to happen again.

Dr Peter Coleman

No precaution was made to cover the car seats either. When you borrow something from someone and don't pay a dime, I was brought up to return it in better condition than when I borrowed it. Not so for everyone.

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  4. Then, at 14, I started staying away from antibiotics for the sniffles, cooking healthy for myself, working out, and sensing that my body needed to come into balance — although at that time, we had no understanding of the gut biome. Over time, I found that I built an interior resilience toward infection. When I learned of the microbiome, it was a true passion for me because I know that feeling of the strength of my body in balance. This empowers us beyond so many modalities that require a pill to be popped.

    The revolutionary effects of the microbiome extend to every corner of medicine. However, distributing that knowledge in the form of education to patients and providers is what I am most excited about.