Fat girl dating muscular guy

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Why is it hard for fit/muscular guys to admit in public their love for fat or bbw women?

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Hairy pussy ass licking pic barely legal teen having had men are top 1. Jan 19, Unfortunately, a fit man loving a plus-size woman is still taboo in our society. He got the idea for the channel a year ago, when he and some friends were talking about racism and discrimination, and body positivity came up.

I think a lot of that is just due to the media. Edited on February 21, at My ex recently moved back to his hometown so we are not together anymore but we met in my gym and he is an amateur bodybuilder so definitely a fit guy. Even though he is in his mids, he never tried to hide our relationship. It just seems odd to me and I think guys who do that are sad. Myownman Send a private message.

I don't think guys hide what they like I know plenty of men that love thick curvy aka fat women most of the men I kno personally like hat I'm the only one that likes skinny chicks. Nearly all my friends are married to women that look like Jello shots or pudding cups. Not me I want something fit and firm. I dated a fat girl one time because she had the cutest face like an angel but I couldnt get past those rolls and stretch marks. We never had sex I just got head from her alot.

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Ok that makes sense! If you are just not attracted to a BBw, I get it totally. I was just really curious about the guys who are attracted to us but try to hide it from the public. Thanks for your perspective! Hierophant Send a private message.

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That outward image people see is a direct result of a commitment to that lifestyle. And for that sugar loving grease stained couch potato to claim the fit person is in denial of their attraction to them or shallow for desiring someone more like themselves - is ridiculous Now there might be a small minority of chubby chasers out there but nothing people should be holding their breaths for You want a fit person in your life?

Then be one yourself and you bound to attract a likeminded person. Lots of presuppositions about BBWs.

I am actually healthier than my skinny friends. My body type is just naturally curvy is all. I am attractive, not lazy or any of the other stereotypes associated with BBWs. My point is that I get a lot of hidden interest from men but they are too shy in public to go for what they really want.

Why is there such a negative bias from men when curves is really what some want? I just wanted to understand the contradiction. You need to understand how the terms curvy and BBW have been hijacked by the obese people I am actually ok and have plenty of dates.

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But being newly single, I have also found a number of guys who seem to be shy about going out. I have high self esteem and would never take that from a man.

Shallow Dating: Are We Blinded By Looks?

I just really wanted to understand why a guy would care so much about what other people think. I agree with your response very much and your post is coming from a very mature point of view. Sadly there are many and many out there who hide it coz of how it would make them look so i guess they are just immature. I feel lucky to be with her in fact. Do you think the hostility towards BBWs will ever change? I have skinny friends who some are very unhealthy but they never seem to be judged.

Why don't guys wanna date fat girls? - The Student Room

I left a toxic relationship with a conventionally hot woman and it was around that time I slowly started opening up to dating fat women. For me they were just better. To your question I think there will always be some stigma to being fat and to a lesser extent, being a guy who dates or marries a fat woman.

Wow thanks for sharing your perspective! I have very high self esteem and when a guy try's to fat shame be with my healthy sexy body it can be frustrating. I just don't get why there is so much anger towards BBWs?