Matchmaking unfair lol

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If you're having trouble use a one time item and beef up your starting weapon. You can also upgrade it in game. Always work as a team Just because i said i wanted to be in this world with you it does not mean I want to see it with you. The matchmaking in the game, unfortunately, sucks.

As a high level player, I hate getting in a game with low levels. Nothing wrong with low levels, they're learning the game and everyone has been there at some point. But when you get in a game where a guy doesn't know how to revive or doesn't realize what the supply boxes do?

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The extra parts bonus at the end is poor compensation. You do too well?

Game ends too quickly and you don't get enough parts to grow your clan. Stretch the game out on purpose I'll admit, I do this all the time by suiciding to get tie games or give the enemy team a win when you're ahead so the game is as close as possible?

Matchmaking is disgustingly unfair - Game Feedback - Pokémon TCG Online Forums

Really, this is the main thing. Having a system that actively punishes you by reducing your population unless you play just right is just argh. That being said, I absolutely love the multiplayer. It's a fun strategy game and it's nice not having a run and gun.

Easy Fix for Unfair Matchmaking!

Always work as a team While I agree that the buffs aren't as significant as CoD by far, that doesn't mean they don't make a difference. Especially the combination of buffs that allow you to play to the playstyle you're most comfortable with? They also don't have access to the combination buffs individual buffs are available in premades that allow for farming parts and rushing armor early. So yeah, it matters. That being said, the advantage isn't significant enough to be a game breaker.

Unfair ps4 matchmaking

A low level player can still beat a high level pretty easily as long as they play smart. I'd be more concerned with people's champion levels than their competitive rankings tbh.

IWDominate gets triggered by Riot's matchmaking

Maybe i only touch this game once in awhile but who know? Matchmaking is unfair everywhere lol.

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Tensa View Profile View Posts. I find that when that happens it because they are in a group together. Other then that its just an issue with Paladins match making system. Originally posted by Mishike:. P View Profile View Posts. I know some guys never managed to get out of silver but are really talented at the game but cant climb up the ranks due to getting constantly dealt a bad hand in terms of who they get as a team in matchmaking Last edited by P ; 17 Oct, 9: