Signs youre dating a desperate woman

One of the first things you did when you met him was sort out his work schedule. He might have thought you were just interested in what he does, but secretly you were trying to figure out what days he worked and what his hours are. Now that you know his work schedule, you somehow think it would be a great idea to just show up at his work place. You even think that this would be a great time to show off your baking skills, so you bake him a batch of brownies, cut them into perfect squares, and take them to his work.

You show up with your food offering and then wonder why he looks so embarrassed. Is he happy that you just interrupted him at work? More than likely he is not.


The guy is a total douche, but you think you need a man and any man will do. This particular one has an ugly habit of putting you down every chance he gets.

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  • Going Desperate: Signs Of A Desperate Woman;
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For example, you just lost some weight. He is always making fun of your jiggle butt and he has even pointed out that you have muffin top. So, why are you putting up with it? A desperate woman will put up with almost anything just to have a man on her arm.

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He is a lug, a deadbeat, and he is destroying your self-esteem. Stop putting up with his crap and kick him to the curb. No one deserves to be treated badly and you deserve so much better. He is a total football nut, but you secretly hate the sport. It is loud, boring, and you could care less about the teams or the players. However, you are desperate to have a boyfriend and you want this guy to think you are the perfect girlfriend, so you put on a smile and root for his favorite team.

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The same goes for drinking beer. It is normal for couples to have different interests, so stop acting desperate and start doing your own thing. When you are entering into a new relationship, you and your partner should be focused on the present and maybe even touch on future life goals.

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Early on is not the time to dive into past relationships, although, honestly, it is never a high priority subject. The past should simply stay in the past. However, if you want to show a guy that you are desperate and prone to jealousy, then go ahead and ask him about his previous girlfriends.

Make sure to trash them, too, just so you can look petty. Instead, focus on how you are feeling right now and relax.

Enjoy this early time together, learning about each other, and having fun. If there is something he feels you need to know about his past relationships, he will tell you about it when he feels the time is right. Dear mom has been planning a big family dinner for the past week and she is so excited to get everyone together for a day.

You arrive, all happy to see everyone and not ten minutes later you get a call from some guy you met the other night.

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He asks what you are doing and you tell him about the family dinner. You tell him you can meet him in 30 minutes and you say goodbye to your family and leave your heartbroken mom behind. Not only is your family upset with you, but now this new guy knows that you would do just about anything for him. Over the next month, he gets you to ditch outings with your friends and he even gets you to reschedule your appointment with the chiropractor.

He knows you are desperate and he knows he can manipulate you to do whatever he wants. Of course, he says yes because he wants you to be happy. If he does something to upset you, like say thank you to a waitress, you again need confirmation that the two of you are still together. After all that, you also demand that he changes his status to being in a relationship on all of his social media.

Only a desperate woman would have no choice of what she wants in a man. To avoid being single, desperate women cling on to any man.

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Some women are desperate for marriage to the extent that they pressure any man who comes their way for marriage. Some ladies even go as far as talking about marriage just after the first date and many pressure their man for marriage a few weeks after dating. This is only a sign of desperation. You might call it love, but I call it desperation. Some women intentionally get pregnant for a man simply because they want to be in his life or probably to extort money from him.

His take is your take. You see him being devious with someone, you heard him getting naughty with other women, yet you never dared to confront him or even talk to him about it and when you did, you would just take his excuses, no matter how inconsistent it is.

In other words, you take his crap. In your heart and mind, you believe that nobody will ever love you, but him. This is my way of saying that you sit around all day, fb-ing, stalking his profile, until he knocks at your doorstep and have sex with you. You have no life, but him. You are addicted to him, regardless of how he treats you. Men never take a desperate woman seriously, keep that in mind. You are in a category of an undateable woman. If ever you see one man being with a desperate woman, he's most likely taking advantage of her desperation.

But with a snap of finger, a decent man would never hesitate to leave a desperate woman for someone who is more confident and grounded. So again, consult and assess yourself, do you really want to be the desperate woman every man uses or the woman every man worships?

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