Hook up amp to rocksmith

The VOX amp has all kinds of built in effects but RS has the effects built in so I just wanted to amplify the output clean. I set the VOX up to do that and now when I play I hear my guitar with the RS effects and the backing music and lyrics all through my amp. Of course with my amp, I can make it much louder than I need it so I try to manage that carefully so as not to shake everything off the shelves!

I bought a cable to do this that is long enough to reach between the two without issues. I also have a cable splitter that will allow me to cable to the computer and separately to the guitar amp. View our house rules for posts. Email me when someone replies. Now that you have your audio set up, it's time to finesse! Other systems try starting at 25, then try 75 and see what feels best.

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Rocksmith PS4 - A how to. I always just thought this was another rock band type.

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  • Removed my sig to save your data. So just to clarify you always play with a real guitar no plastic stuff with this one. Bullet For My Valentine. Go you good thing!!!!

    Anyone else here use their amp to play Rocksmith? - General Rocksmith - CustomsForge Forums

    The updates so far have been abysmal. Another week of no updates it seems Keep on Rocking people!!! Some seriously awesome sound.

    Get it while you can because they are a limited time freebie. I really appreciate you looking out for my gaming dollar!

    Anyone else here use their amp to play Roc...

    Thanks for keeping the spirit up Lexx! Anyway - this is the last month of DLC to make it easy! You must be signed in to add attachments.

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    Use your own amp with Rocksmith !

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    How to connect your guitar amp to your games console to play Rocksmith

    Output Rocksmith through amp? Is there a way to output the guitar part from rocksmith from a laptop into an amp? RIght now i use output jack of laptop to headphone oro speakers.

    It sounds fine in headphones, but 'mucky' via speakers. It would also be nice to output just the authentic tones to amp ideas?