Dating someone with a crazy baby mama

My boyfriend baby mom always just showing up dropping the child and staying and he allowed her too don't tell her nothing and stay in his room this sucks i appericiate that he told me because I ask but how am I suppose to feel. Baby ma had a baby by another man and she said it was mines is it time to move on somebody please let me no. So her friend harasses the hell out of me and tells me that she is hurt, alone, homeless, 1 month pregnant and scared, I wanted to tell her " look!

I don't see where that's my problem".

Reasons you're single - baby mamas

The dude don't want her she wants me back, I ain't no fool! I went and picked her and her things up off the side of the road and took her to my room. After her breaking down crying and apologizing to me for all of the fucked up things she has ever done to me She just told me she came from the E. After getting a full STD Workup and her results came back negative but positive for pregnancy, she wanted to make sure the fucker didn't pass her no shit she can pass to me after the 2 other times she gave me the clap after going out fucking other men years earlier, she some how got it in her head the first thing we were going to engage in was make up sex, and didn't want me to get infected if she was infected with something, just careless I had nothing to say.

I made sure she showered and was fed.

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That night she undressed down to her t shirt with no panties, I had a 2 bed hotel room so I told her she can have the first bed, I'll take the other, instead she got into my bed wanting to finally have sex with me.. Why she did that I do not know.. But I sat there the whole night in deep thought.. Pissed bouncing back and forth in my head should I just say fuck what the courts say kick her that unborn baby the fuck out my room, or fuckin forgive her for this shit after the 40th time of her cheating on me and getting knocked up.

But who was I kidding I was all alone out here. No family or friends.

This woman being the only one I've been with for 12 years, is the only woman I know, and half the friend I ever had. She wanted us to work on getting our kids back, and I am in a place where I feel the kids are safer where they are in a healthy enviornment with a family that can take care of them because I was no longer financially nor mentally stable to care for them, so she pressures me to get the kids back because she is still receiving aid for them, but I am not ready..

I don't want my kids to get hurt by her anymore. So I notice the close it gets to becoming due to give birth and no results of me getting the kids back her whole demeanor is starting to change back. But I don't really care anymore like I used to. I've noticed I've changed as to where I'm ready for her to tell me to drop her off somewhere and be done with it.

She is not going to treat me like shut after all I've done to support her through this pregnancy even though it ain't my child. So now I feel like I want to be done with her. I do not want to be on the birth certificate and I told her that. She needs to name that baby after her biological father.

Baby Mama Drama

Since he was man enough to walk in my home, lie to me in my face as if they were not fuckin and take my woman then knock her up, he can be man enough to pay for his child. I don't plan on paying for no child that isn't mine out of wedlock. She needs to woman up, get of her ass and report his ass to child support. She regretted cheating and as I fool I took her back Now she is 9 months pregnant and we still don't have a sex life, she has no contact with the dude, and is now doing all this talking about she wants us to move somewhere far from here.

I have been stepping up as the father of this child, but I don't want to be legally the father because she is most likely going to cheat again and I don't want to be the fool raising another man's child she concieved from adultery. I don't want to be a fool again.. Plus I have no tolerance for her anymore. I only want to help as a friend.

Maintain Healthy, Open Communication

I'm not trying to have her pin me with the full child support responsibility being the biological father wants nothing to do with the child. And she talks about having another child with me I don't know if it's guilt or what?

What Does Baby Mama Drama Mean?

But cps have not given my kids back for 1 year now.. I feel as if I'm single and I'm starting to love it and shying away from my wife, but my wife now wants to know every second who I'm on the phone with, where I'm going, be up under me ever five seconds, but no type of intimacy.. Because she says her body hurts from the pregnancy. So I don't bother her.

Account Suspended

She still remains on her phone day in and day out.. I will not let her out my name on the birth certificate, only the man she concieved with. My question is am I wrong for doing this? I think about the baby not having her biological dad.. But I'm willing to offer support on grounds that I'm not legally documented as the presumed father or father.

I search for support blogs in accordance to my situation, but all I see on Google Search is men, cheating on their wives, men this, men that, but it rarely is searches that come up but a few of women who cheat on their husbands. My situation is I've been married for 12 years For the past 12 years 11 of those years I have spent in an abusive, cheating relationship with my wife, And NO!

I was not the abuser nor cheater she was. And as I calculated and documented every incident every year for the past 11 years she has gone out and cheated the same months during the same seasons and I don't know why, I have begged and pleaded to her, even threatened divorce, but nothing seemed to work, she would stop for a little bit spend most of her time on facebook day in and day out private messages going to the bathroom posing as if she is using the toilet, but in actuality sending nude photos to these guys, locking herself in my truck with the windows rolled up chatting with these guys,.

I would force her out of my truck, and threaten to kick her and her shot out of my house if she so fixed on the guy, he can come get her and take care of her. After all I saw in her text messages and pictures where she was so fixated on the guy she began trying to have his baby. Sending him photos of her pregnancy tests the whole 9.

Baby Mama Drama & Dealing With Your Man, His Ex, & Their Child

I was so pissed I'm a retired disabled veteran, presumably Married with 3 children. She was on some drugs, E pills and god knows whatever else, hanging with her smack smoking buddies. To her one day waiting till my back was turned while I was caring for our children, being that she had no interest in being a mother to them, she would slip out the door undetected until I seen her speed off with the dude she was cheating on me with for the past 8 months,thats disappearing weeks upon weeks, looking for her to find out she was shacked up in the bay area with some thug, I have had no romantic or intimate relationship with my wife for weeks upon weeks,.

I finally had come to my wits end with this chick and life, with a ball of tears rolling from my eyes, and my children's eyes as they tugged on my clothes not to let them go, as the cps worker drug them into the back of the building I had to place my kids in a receiving home to get them off the streets and wound up getting a cps case on grounds of DV for her breaking my nose, and neglect from her taking in cash aid, and in food stamps to spending it all on the guy she was sleeping with, to selling them for drugs, and booze instead of helping me to feed our kids I found myself heartbroken, financially drained, lonely, and scared sleeping out of my truck in parks, on the side of the roads in the outskirts of the city, to eating in shelters..

I felt as if my life was over. Till i tried to file a divorce which the California courts do not make it easy being there are children involved and my wife is cheating on me with the next guy so to have her served would take months of investigation on her whereabouts which costs time and money. So it is a long tedious process. But one day out of the blue I get a call from her friend congratulating me on our new baby on the way.

I had walked around in circles half the day on the phone with her friend explaining to her that my wife took off with the next guy and she has not touched me in months, not had any interest in being physical with me, we never even kiss because she says she isn't a kisser , but I caught her engaging in the nastiest lip locking sex act with this guy in the backseat of his car, doing things to him she has never done to me in all the years we have been married. Oh well so I tell her the baby isn't mine, it's the dude she is with, so her friend gets off the phone with me and calls her back telling her to come clean.

She finally came clean saying " Yes. It's not my husband's it's Kevin's baby. Karma comes around because he indeed relocated, stood her up the night she told him she was pregnant, changed his number and was ghost. Her friend called me telling me the son of a butch stood her up and wants nothing to do with her or the baby, what she thought was she had a new man, he was going to mover her in.

Dating a man with a baby mama

Swoop her up like a night in shining armor, but that wasn't the case he just wanted ass I have an 8 month old daughter, but my babys dad left me for another girl while I was about 1 month and a half pregnant. I never told him when the doctors appointments were, nor when the baby was born, nor did I put his last name on her or put him on the birth certificate, because I didn't think he deserved any of it for what he did to me.

Two and a half months after the baby was born, I started having problems with my mom and knowing he had a girlfriend I went to go live with him, the first few weeks and month we were good That happened, he is still with his girlfriend though, but he would slap my butt,and touch me, I would tell him to stop because he has a girlfriend and he said she doesn't have to know.

We had sex several times afterwards But he is still with his girlfriend? Does he love her?