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Do I have to pay bell extra per month? Thanks for your help. If you have the HD-PVR which is a dual tuner as mentionned in previous post you will need an sw44 satelite switch which will allow you to connect more Receivers to your existing dish which is already maxxed out with 2 connections going to the HD-PVR ird. But to clarify, do I only need to buy another receiver and I can hook it up to the same cable? Will I be able to control two TV's separately by doing this? First you need to look at your satellite dish and see if you have a "Dual-LNB" - the LNB is the thing on the end of the arm that recevies the signal collected by the dish.

There is a screw on the underside of the arm that when removed, allows you to slide the LNB out. If you have a Dual-LNB, you'll see two cable connectors on it - one used, the other not.

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You will need to run new RG6 cable from the unused connector to a grounding block, and then more RG6 to your second receiver, wherever it happens to be. You can't split the output from the existing cable. So I connected the output of my second receiver to the cable wiring in my house. The nice thing is all you have to do is take the remote with you - it works anywhere the house.

Of course we're limited in that we can't watch different things in the living room and master bedroom, but I figure if somebody wants to, they can go down to the family room. Also having three receivers means things get slightly more complex, not to mention more expensive. One last thing - be aware that there is a monthly charge associated with the extra receiver, depending on what programming you have. I just did the same with my bell reciever. Can you put movies onto the hardrive from your PC then watch them on the tv threw the bell reciever as well?

Also, programs downloaded to Sat HD are coded to particular Sat receiver and will not play in any other. This answer closely relates to:. It seems Bell has not come out with the right fix software so that you can use.

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Some of the drives that they suggest ie: I was eventually informed to go to the neighbourhood Future shop and purchase the Seagate Free Agent Drive 1 terabyte and it worked right away, The 0r the will not take a drive size over 1 terabyte. I had called tech support 16 times over this issue and they finally admitted that they had problems with the software. I just experienced this same issue, except in my case it does recognize my hard drive and recorded events but will not play any previously recorded events, nor will it allow me to record live events or set to record future events.

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Any other ideas how to correct this?. I to have had similar issues with my after almost 2 yrs being paired successfully , except in my case the EHD and recorded events are recognized but will not play. Also it will not allow me to record live or future events.

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Its seems this started after a Bell update. My EHD has sufficient space left and I have tried rebooting both devices. Any other ideas on what may be the issue? Three easy steps since Bell has activated the USB port on the back of these receivers: Transfer your PVR recordings to the external hard drive. How to connect bell expressvu satellite receiver? Call a professional installer for advise how to hook up bell satellite receiver to your compute.

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  6. How to hook up a bell expressvu satellite receiver? Yes you can I am doing it with a box from future shop. Just plug the USB cable into the compnent on the back of the reciver.

    Anonymous "Recorded on harddrive to computer from a bell hd reciever you will need To transfer programe recorded on harddrive to computer from a Bell hd reciever you will need product called tristar mx hd pvr. Deleting purchase history from bell receiver ?

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    Can i buy my own bell expressvu satellite receiver? I used a seagate.

    Add Your Answer Bell expressvu plugged in and unplugged and now not working Remote not working with reciever. Bell receiver wont turn on? Receiver wont come on. Green light was on but now is off unplugged receiver for a few minutes but light still off? Bell green light is off but was on earlier Meaning of responce code in sbi atm card money withdrwal?

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